S567 10” indoor monitor video door phone

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A smart intercom, as well as a gear for audiophile

Akuvox S567 10” indoor monitor runs on the industry-leading Android 12 OS, and is equipped with Wi-Fi 6 communication technology. The dual mics and quad speakers together provides superior audio quality. With the minimalist design, S567 blends well into any modern interior design.


Physical & Power

  1. Front panel: Plastic
  2. RAM / ROM: 2GB / 8GB
  3. Display: 10.1 Inch IPS LCD
  4. Screen: 10.1 Inch capacitive touch screen
  5.  RS485 Port: Support  Relays Out: 1
  6. Bell in: 1
  7. Alarm Input:8
  8. Microphone: Dual microphones,-26dB
  9. Speaker: Quad speakers, 8Ω/2W
  10. Ethernet Ports: 1xRJ45, 10/100Mbps adaptive
  11. 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet
  12. 12V DC Connector (if not using PoE)
  13. Tamper Resistant: Support
  14. Installation: Wall-mounted &Desktop
  15. Dimension: 278x164x22.8 mm
  16. Working Humidity: 10~90%
  17. Working Temperature: -10°C~ +45°C
  18. Storage Temperature: -20°C~ +70°C

Touch Screen Display

  1. Display Mode: Normally black, Transmissive
  2. LCD Size: 10inch (Diagonal)  Aspect Ratio: 16:10
  3. Resolution: 1280×800
  4. Contrast ratio: 900:1
  5. Luminance: 290 cd/m²  Viewing Angle: 80° Left, 80° Right,
    80° Upper, 80° Lower  Touch Screen: Projected capacitive


  1. SIP v1 (RFC2543), SIP v2 (RFC3261)  Narrowband audio codec: G.711a, G.711μ, G.729
  2. Broadband audio codec: G.722
  3. DTMF: In-band, out-of-band DTMF (RFC2833), SIP
  4. Echo Cancellation
  5. Voice Activation Detection
  6. Comfort Noise Generator  Automatic Gain Control


  1. Streaming formats: H.263 & H.264



Deployment & Maintenance Auto-Provisioning

  1. Web management portal  Web-based packet dump
  2. Configuration backup / restore
  3. Firmware upgrade
  4. System logs (including door access logs)

Voice Assistant

  1. Voice pickup distance up to 5 meters
  2. Voice recognition accuracy up to 95%
  3. Privacy protection with native voice data
  4. Support English

Application Scenario

  1. Villas
  2. Apartment complexes
  3. Home automation systems
  4. Modern interiors

The Akuvox S567 can be managed from the cloud, a computer, and a smartphone

Managed from the cloud

Akuvox SmartPlus, a smart cloud-based intercom service, allows Akuvox’s intercom and access control devices to link, communicate, and interact intelligently with one another without any geographical restrictions, making buildings smarter and more securer.

  1. Mobility: intercom and building access anywhere, anytime
  2. Flexibility: remote provisioning and maintenance for any scale of systems
  3. Stability: 24/7 self-monitoring with >1 million monitoring tests per month at a 99.99% success rate
  4. Security: triple data backup mechanism ensuring 99.999% data reliability

A property management web portal

The web-based property access management portal of Akuvox SmartPlus offers a bunch of remote-working features that greatly enhance building operation efficiency.

  1. Manage all properties of multiple sites from a single interface
  2. Access to time- and date- stamped photos of all door entries
  3. Assign time-limited PINs to delivery or service people
  4. Easy posting of community announcements
  5. Easy integration with existing building systems

The Akuvox ACMS

PC-based Access Control Management System for Small and Medium Businesses.

  1. Staff information management
  2. Device management
  3. Access control management
  4. Access to detailed access logs

The Akuvox SDMC

On-premise Software for Community-wide Intercom System Management

  1. Batch deployment of devices automatically
  2. Real-time video monitoring
  3. Access control management
  4. Messaging and ad pushing

The Akuvox Sight

PC-based Intercom Software for Akuvox Intercoms

  1. Multi-screen intercom video monitoring
  2. Remote door unlocking
  3. Audio or video call

The Akuvox Vfone

SIP Softphone App for Intercoms

  1. Audio or video call
  2. Remote door unlocking
  3. Offline push notification
  4. Compatible with mainstream SIP servers

The Akuvox PC Manager

PC-based Management Software for Intercom Configuration

  1. Automatic search and connection of intercom devices
  2. Addition, modification, and deletion of intercom configuration
  3. Batch intercom configuration and software upgrading

The Akuvox S567 works with global technology partners

In collaboration with renowned partners, Akuvox creates intelligent intercom and access control solutions that meet the ever-increasing needs for security and convenience of our customers.

Home automation

  1. Control4
  2. Snap av
  3. RTI
  4. LifeSmart
  5. Zipato
  6. iRidium mobile
  7. Core
  8. Tuya


  1. Genetec
  2. Yeastar
  3. Broadsoft
  4. Aare net
  5. Elastix
  6. Epygi

Video management system

  1. Milestone
  2. Network Optix

Access control

  1. Vanderbilt
  2. ZKTeco
  3. Parsec


  1. On-wall mounting
  2. In-wall mounting
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