Akuvox E12W Single-Button RFID Wi-Fi SIP video door phone

Akuvox E12W is a single-button SIP video door phone for all types of individual front doors, either houses, apartments, or condos. Easy installation with a Wi-Fi connection. Get notified and speak to your visitor, wherever you are.

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Does somebody ring the bell at your door? Talk to your visitors, even you are far away from your home with the Akuvox E12W.

Akuvox E12W is a single-button SIP video door phone for all types of front doors, be it houses, apartments, condos, or small businesses. Despite a slim body, it boasts many cutting-edge features. Moreover, with a slim body, it can go to most installation spaces, even a narrow door frame.

Why should you choose the Akuvox E12W door phone?

How can you take advantage of today’s technologies to secure your building?
Install an Akuvox E12W. It includes;

  1. Video front door phone;
  2. Cardless and touchless smartphone-based access via Bluetooth and NFC;
  3. Reception of an HD picture from the door communicator;
  4. Two-way audio communication with other units in the network;
  5. Complies with SIP standard for easy integration in every SIP capable PBXes;
  6. Powered by PoE or external source;
  7. Support US or European electrical wall box mounting;
  8. Built-in smart voice assistant;
  9. Wi-Fi connectivity;

What do the specifications included in the video door phone mean?

Output relay

An output relay for the door opener is a mechanical contact that enables you to control the strike of your door so the visitor could enter at your choice.


From anywhere with the internet and a computer or a smartphone, the camera lets you see who is in front of your door.


Wiegand is a communication protocol that you will require to connect some security devices like an external keypad or card reader.

Input ports

The 2 input ports that you can find on this Akuvox E12W are mainly used to connect sensors like motion detectors or door contacts.

TF card slot

TF, T-Flash, or TransFlash slot is just the original name for micro SD card slots. With a TF card slot, you can store digital data on an SD card like a recorded video of events in case the Internet drop. The video will be sent as soon as an Internet connection is back.

Card Reader

When a card is presented at a card reader of 13.56 MHz and NFC is usually sited at the door the reader extracts the card’s verification information, or credentials, and sends it to the data processor in the control panel for verification. Some smartphones are equipped with NFC wireless antenna as well and can be used to open the door too.


The casing of that video door phone is 146 x 70 x 23 mm. It is defined as a hinged frame structure is that used for opening and closing of entrance or providing access.

Call Button

The video door phone is equipped with a 1 call button, with a backlight. That will notify one single property app user.

What is the problem with your front door?

How do you get to know who is really in front of the door?

Sometimes you just don’t want to wake up, get out of your place, or just meet anyone. But how do you avoid unsolicited persons if you don’t go and see them by yourself?

What if your smartphone is not receiving the call?

With a new generation of door phones, you can enjoy the capability to handle audio and video calls from your smartphone. You can have bad mobile reception, or no Internet, or an accident or just no more battery. But how do you answer your guest that is waiting at the entrance of your building?

How can you open the door if your hands are full?

How many times do you come back from groceries and you need to drop your bags to open the door? Grocery, luggage, parcels, or kids. Same thing.

How can you unlock your front door if you lost or forgot keys?

Keys might be inside and you outside. Nobody to help. Should you call a Locksmith?

How to connect the video door phone to the internet?

The walls might be in concrete and you might want to avoid a long installation process.

Did you know how many property crime violations occurred in Canada in 2017?

  1. Breaking 438.51
  2. Theft of motor vehicle 231.61
  3. Theft over $5,000 47.01
  4. Theft under $5,000 570.17
  5. Mischief 713.84
  6. Total property crime violations 3244.76

*Number of reported crimes per 100,000 population.
Census population: 35,151,728
Source: Incident-based crime statistics, by detailed violations // Statistics Canada

Why do you need an Akuvox E12W Video Door phone?

Have a video call with your guests

What seems like a standard and simple feature is still quite new to the intercom market. However, a video call is much more convenient for identifying your guests and for sharing any visual communication than a simple audio call. Depending on your station, the guests could see you too or not. And thanks to computer technology, as new individual video doorbells, you will be able to perform this live video call from anywhere, as long as you are connected on the Internet.

Always available

More than convenient is the reliability that will provide an indoor monitor. You will receive all incoming communication requests from your guests or visitors.

Video backup

Whenever the Internet drops, the Akuvox E12W will backup the video recorded during an event such as a visitor trying to reach some occupants.

Contactless access

From your pocket, your phone, or keyring, you can identify yourself in a flash and unlock the door. You might not even need to drop your groceries.

Backup access

Let say you lost or forgot your keys, your card, or keyring, but you rarely forget your smartphone. Just use it to unlock. But let say you also forgot your smartphone, then, press the button, your roommates, your family or your colleagues will be able to answer and unlock the door for you. How convenient could it be?

Easy Wi-Fi installation

The Akuvox E12W is equipped with Wi-Fi. Just take care of the screws and set it up for your router. As easy as your printer, you can start inviting people at home.

Stays on the wall

Whoever comes to the property will get access to this video door phone. The tenant or the owner with their family or colleagues will be easily notified of this monitor from the cloud management application.

Connected to the Cloud, this indoor monitor makes it easy to manage and communicate

Thanks to the SIP protocol and the computer-style technology, this door intercom can communicate on a computer network and enjoy all the digital options. The Cloud centralizes all the different door phones and door stations in one place so the manager can monitor, set up, and operate from anywhere.

Additional information


Black & Silver






On-wall mounting

Rain cover

Included, No

Wireless technologies

RFID 125 kHz, RFID 13.56 Mhz, Wi-Fi


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