Akuvox C319H 10″ Indoor Monitor with smart security and control

Akuvox C319H is a 10” Android indoor monitor with smart intercom features for people of all ages.

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Indoor monitor with Smarter Security and Control for your home

Akuvox SmartPanel Pro C319H is a 10” Zigbee security control panel featuring a built-in HD camera, home automation capability, and two-way communication.

Why should you choose the Akuvox SmartPanel Pro C319H?

Powerful and simple Smart home controller.
Install an Akuvox C319H. It includes;

  1. 10-inch capacitive touch screen with energy-saving mode;
  2. Excellent performance with Android 9.0 system;
  3. A real smart home center with Zigbee 3.0;
  4. Dual speakers give more HD communication;
  5. 1M pixels camera for better home security;
  6. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features built-in;
  7. Powered by PoE;

What do the specifications included in this Smart home monitor mean?

Android 9.0 OS

The operating system of the indoor monitor is an Android-like smartphone. That makes it really secure and user-friendly.

Dual speakers

Listen to music, voice assistant, and video calls with stereo.

Built-in voice assistant

Talk to your monitor so it will follow your requirements and proceed to switch on/off, raise or decrease sound/temperature/light. It can also explain the situation.

PoE support

Just one cable to connect your device. It includes communication and power. Way easier to install.

Zigbee 3.0 gateway

Connect a few thousands of devices to control your property. From lights to thermostats, to security systems or coffee machines.

10-inch capacitive touch screen

Large as a tablet, you can touch the icons of the application to activate the feature.

1280 x 800 resolution IPS LCD display

The resolution and brightness make it easy to display beautiful pictures or videos.

1 MPx camera

To enable 2-way video communications, you can add a video camera.

Dual microphones

To give some spatial feeling to your interlocutor and improve the noise reduction, the 2 microphones are built-in the monitor.

Built-in BLE 4.2 & 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

You can synchronize features with your smartphone or other devices on the Bluetooth network or Wi-Fi network with that indoor monitor.


In case you feel to develop some features or you wish to integrate some devices, use the Akuvox SDK & API to make it happen.

Did you ever try a Smart Panel?

How do you secure your building?

You aren’t always available. You could be working, doing groceries, sleeping, having fun, relaxing, or anything else. You would need a concierge to identify and evaluate every single person willing to enter your building. That could prevent burglars, muggers, door-to-door salesmen, or any other unsolicited person.

How do you secure your property?

Beside your building, you have your own property to protect. Threats could have reached your front door, your windows, or might even be already inside.

How many devices do you have to control?

Living room lights, alarm systems, blinds, smoke sensors, heaters, and many more? Do you have an application or a controller for each one? And do you automate them together?

How do you get to know who is really in front of the door?

Sometimes you just don’t want to wake up, get out of your place, or just meet anyone. But how do you avoid unsolicited persons if you don’t go and see them by yourself?

What if your smartphone is not receiving the call?

With a new generation of door phones, you can enjoy the capability to handle audio and video calls from your smartphone. You can have bad mobile reception, no Internet, or an accident, or just no more battery. But how do you answer your guest that is waiting at the entrance of your building?

Did you know how many property crime violations occurred in Canada in 2017?

  1. Breaking and entering 438.51
  2. Theft of motor vehicle 231.61
  3. Theft over $5,000 47.01
  4. Theft under $5,000 570.17
  5. Mischief 713.84
  6. Total property crime violations 3244.76

*Number of reported crimes per 100,000 population.
Census population: 35,151,728
Source: Incident-based crime statistics, by detailed violations // Statistics Canada

Why do you need a 10″ SmartPanel Pro C319H?

You can choose options on the color display

More than just answering your guests at the building entry, you can interact with your indoor monitor C319H like a tablet.

Secure your property

Included feature, the SmartPanel Pro is also an Alarm panel that will help you protect your property against common threats like burglars, fires, water leaks, etc.

Have a video call with your guests

What seems like a standard and simple feature is still quite new to the intercom market. However, a video call is much more convenient for identifying your guests and for sharing any visual communication than a simple audio call. Depending on your station, the guests could see you too or not. And thanks to computer technology, as new individual video doorbells, you will be able to perform this live video call from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Always available

More than convenient is the reliability that will provide an indoor monitor. You will receive all incoming communication requests from your guests.

Full features

A smart indoor monitor like the Akuvox C319H will offer you many features. Answering door phone communication requests, controlling your property devices, changing arming modes, and more.

Stays on the wall

Whoever lives on the property will get access to this indoor monitor. The tenant or the owner with their family or colleagues will be easily assigned to this monitor from the cloud management application.

Control your property devices with the same panel

More than just an indoor monitor, the Akuvox C319H will offer you control devices of your property, like any smart home solution controller, but all included in the same device that is communicating with your door phone.

Connected to the Cloud, this indoor monitor makes it easy to manage and communicate

Thanks to the SIP protocol and the computer-style technology, this door intercom can communicate on a computer network and enjoy all the digital options. The Cloud centralizes all the different door phones and door stations in one place so the manager can monitor, set up, and operate from anywhere.

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