Akuvox A01 Smart Card Reader & Door Controller Terminal

A01 is an IP-based access control terminal that combines a door controller and card reader in one device.

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The wall-mounted terminal combines a door controller and a card reader in one device.

A01 is an IP-based access control terminal that combines a door controller and card reader in one device. It supports RFID cards and mobile access via NFC, offering users flexibility in credential options.

Why should you choose the Akuvox A01 Access Control Terminal?

Smart, Compact, and Stylish Access Control Terminal.
Install an Akuvox A01. It includes;

  1. Stylish appearance design;
  2. 20,000 card capacity & 100,000 Event Log;
  3. Multi-frequency RFID card reader;
  4. Support NFC;
  5. Compatible with Akuvox cloud;
  6. Configuration via a web browser;
  7. Management access authority via ACMS (Access Control Management System); Front panel: Toughened Glass;

What do the specifications included in the card reader mean?

Card reader: 125kHz and 13.5 MHZ RFID cards and NFC

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. 125kHz prox is a read-only technology – there’s little or no encryption. 13.56 MHz Mifare you are getting a smart card, so you can write data to the device. NFC is also 13.56 MHz but also embedded in many smartphones.

Support up to 20,000 cards and 100,000 event logs

The built-in memory will record cards and events so that your visitors can access your building and you will not lose any data in the event of a network or power failure.

Support PoE and Wiegand protocols

The Akuvox A01 supports the most common communication protocols for security products. The IEEE 802.3af-2003 PoE standard provides up to 15.4 W of DC power (minimum 44 V DC and 350 mA)

TCP/IP Communication

The Internet protocol suite, commonly known as TCP/IP, is the set of communications protocols used in the Internet and similar computer networks.

Tamper-proof Sensor

That sensor will trigger a log and a notification in case the casing is opened without any authorization.

How can you live without a card reader?

How do you secure your building?

You aren’t always available. You could be working, doing groceries, sleeping, having fun, relaxing, or anything else. You would need a concierge to identify and evaluate every single person willing to enter your building. That could prevent burglars, muggers, door-to-door salesmen, or any other unsolicited person.

How do you get to know who is really in front of the door?

Sometimes you just don’t want to wake up, get out of your place, or just meet anyone. But how do you avoid unsolicited persons if you don’t go and see them by yourself?

Did you know how many property crime violations occurred in Canada in 2017?

  1. Breaking and entering 438.51
  2. Theft of motor vehicle 231.61
  3. Theft over $5,000 47.01
  4. Theft under $5,000 570.17
  5. Mischief 713.84
  6. Total property crime violations 3244.76

*Number of reported crimes per 100,000 population.
Census population: 35,151,728
Source: Incident-based crime statistics, by detailed violations // Statistics Canada

Why do you need a door controller A01?

Connect up to 2 card readers that will identify the user and open the door in a microsecond

With a key fob, an RFID access control card, or even a Smartphone with NFC, you can identify any registered occupant of the building. The system will then automatically unlock the strike of the door to let the user come in.

Connected to the Cloud, the door controller A01 door phone makes it easy to manage and communicate

Thanks to the SIP protocol and the computer-style technology, this door intercom can communicate on a computer network and enjoy all the digital options. The Cloud centralizes all the different door phones and door stations in one place so the manager can monitor, set up, and operate from anywhere.

Save cards and logs on the controller to access your building during electricity failures

For a faster response and still be able to operate in the event of a power failure, connect a backup battery to the A01. This will keep your door operational and save all activities until the next available connection to the Cloud.

Additional information


Black & Silver






In-wall mounting, On-wall mounting

Wireless technologies

NFC, RFID 125 kHz, RFID 13.56 Mhz


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